I have 24TB but only show 17.5TB? HELP

Hi all Yesterday I recieved wd my cloud ex 4100 with 4 HDD (6tb each) but when I access the control panel it shows that total capability its only 17.5 tb why?

Then I went to storage options and there I saw that it recognizes the 4 hdds and says that state is working fine but in the main says I only have 17.5 is so frustrating…

Is it just a bug? how can i fix this?

Out of the box, it’s configured as RAID5. Which means that it’s using 3 disks with one acting as a redundant member.

3x6=18TB (17.5TiB).

Thank you so much Tony, I did a quick research and I have to admit that I still have to learn a lot about this product. Thank you so much for your time and for answer my question.

Nice to meet you and sorry for my english.

Greetings from Spain.

Heheh… You bought a very expensive bit of kit without understanding the technology you’re getting into. :slight_smile:

I would strongly recommend you read the user manual… The operational modes and redundancy features are all documented in there.

Thank you I just downloaded the user manual and Im about to start reading it.

We are a small company with a bunch of data so we tough that we can store all that using a huge hdd but when we saw wd my cloud ex 4100 we said neat! thats perfect because we can access data anytime, anywhere but we did not expect about all the technology and possibilities that offers for complex applications. Now that I understand what is RAID1 I have to say that its a really good idea in order to protect our data and prevent any kind of lost in case of error.

Thank you for be there Tony you helped me a lot.

check @TonyPh12345 answer in this thread RAID 5 versus RAID 5 + Spare

NAS is not a backup. You still need to back up the NAS data if it is your only copy.