I got Netflix but no Hulu?

I just got me a WDTV Streaming player and I just realised I only have the Netflix app but the Hulu app seems missing. I’m pretty sure I went through all the menus but I don’t see anything Hulu related. Any way I can get it to reappear?

Also, is it me or does the Netflix app only display 75 movies per category? How do I navigate to see more movies?

Where do you live?   Hulu is only available in the US.

NetFlix decides how many movies to display to you on Settop boxes.   To add more movies, you need to use your Instant Queue via your PC at www.netflix.com.

I live in the US. And I have a Hulu plus account which works on my PC.

Exactly what WD Live do you have (model number) and what firmware is installed on the player.