I get "array bounds are invalid" error when I try to access network share from my laptop

Has anyone seen this? My device was working so well for many years.
Recently (windows 10 laptop), I am unable to logon or net use to \wdtvlivehub\wdtvlivehub
It gives me:
The array bounds are invalid.
error. What does it mean? I cannot add / remove files to my wdtvlivehub device anymore. It is firmware is up to date. Thanks in advance.

Are you able to confirm if the internal hard drive within your WD TV Live Hub HD Media Center is still detected by the unit in question and able to copy/move files from USB units? Does this error happen when accessing your unit from a different computer?

Yes HDD is working and healthy because I can playback video files in my TV. Also I can also browse all files using Twonky server web interface.
The array bounds invalid error is seen from a second laptop as well.
I did not understand copy/move file question. WDTvLiveHub cannot be attached to PC by usb interface.