I get an error on almost all buttons within mycloud


I get an error message on many buttons within the mycloud environment. I have no idea how to resolve this. Any ideas?
Attached is the error I get.

Thanks in advance.

It would help if you provided more information about what you are doing when this happens. What icon, share or folder etc. are you clicking on that gives you the error?

What version of My Cloud do you have, V 2.X or V 4.X? Have you visited the Learning Center? Have you read the User Manual for your Version?

Have you read all of the Help information provided in the Dashboard?

Hi, thanks for your reply!

If I understand correctly, it happens when I try to access information (I think this is a link to information, but I’m not sure ofcourse because I always get the above error).

I use mycloud version: 2.11.140
There is no user manual included, and I think the error is in the help information which I cannot read.
Could this possibly be a language issue? (I installed the Dutch version).

Thanks in advance,

Use this link for the Learning Center and scroll down until you see Download Manual on the left side. Hope this will help.

Turned out to be a problem unknown to WD.
Was fixed with the latest firmware.