I fried my 3TB ext. hard drive :(

I accidently plugged in my 24V labelwriter cord to my hard drive and it started smoking.  Some Googling led me here, and I’ve seen the replies to others on removing D4.  I have not done that yet as I’m concerned with a spot on the small board, U2 (I think) that looks bad.  I’m not concerned with saving the hard drive itself, but I have hundreds of dollars worth of clipart for embroidery digitizing, as well as sets digitized for a website, not mention just about all of my kid’s pictures.  :(  I have not tried plugging this back in, the wisps of smoke have me very, very cautious.

Small board, with the U2 in question:


Large board:


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Check the posts by fzabkar he has guided others through fixing this same problem. His posts explain how to bypass some diode to make it work again.


I have already read the posts on removing D4 and soldering over R64.  I’m hesitant to do it without knowing if the visible damage to U2 has completely fried it to the point where the mods to D4 and R64 will not work. 

Does anyone have any thoughts on the damage to U2 before I go further into the path to D4 and R64?

The only person who can really help is fzabkar. Try sending him a PM he is really good about helping.


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Will do, thank you Joe!