I forgot my passport external drive password

i forgot my passport external drive password please help me

If you can’t figure it out you are out of luck there is no reste.

If I remember correctly, if you input an incorrect password a few times (5 or 10 I think) you’ll get an option to reset the drive. But if you do so it will completely wipe it, so you can reuse the drive but you’ll lose all of the data on it.

Thank you for your reply
i can access it on one pc only but i cant use it on others because i can 't input the correct password
is there a way to reset it:

Not directly, you need to enter the password to disable password protection if I remember correctly. The PC that you can access it on will have the password stored on it by the software, but I don’t think there is any way to retrieve it from there.

In your case I would use that PC to take a copy of all of the data from the drive, and then use the method I mentioned above to reset (and format) the drive to remove the password completely and then put the data back onto it again.