I Finally Was Able to Active, But Another Problem

I have two my books connected to my computer.  When I first used the software it gave me the option of selecting both drives for back up, but after selecting it said that the option is only available with the professional upgrade.  Now that I was able to activate, it now only lets me select one drive.  Any ideas? 

BTW I did NOT select the drop box option, but DEFINITELY selected both of my physical my book drives.



Not sure why an upgrade would be required ??..User Guide states My Book is supported.  An upgrade is required for non-supported WD drives or other brands such as Seagate.

Make sure you have the latest version of WD Software PRO (2.3.0). 

In the Home Tab - you should see both of your USB connected My Books as Targets…and be able to select either one of them for a backup.  Only one can be selected. 

For reference, here is the WD User Guide for Smartware.


Good luck.  Hope this is hepful.

I was able to select both of them; however, a notice popped up that said that the option of selecting both drives is only available with Pro.  That is why I upgraded.  However, after upgrading, I am unable to select both. 

I did not update my software to 2.3 because I have read that the new software has issues.  Many people have written to advise NOT update from 2.1.0