I feel better

After 3+ months of countless wasted hours and increasing blood pressure I had high hopes the latest update. Alas, nothing was fixed for me, with one problem worse and one new problem too. I reached the end and took a hammer and smashed my WD Live to little pieces. AAAAHHHH, I feel so much better now. I’m 43yo and this is the single worst consumer product I’ve ever bought. I will definitely not be buying any product from WD again. I hope the WD executives get huge bonuses, because they did a great job of foisting this piece of junk on an eager and unsuspecting public.

Good luck to the rest of you struggling WD Live owners.

It feels good to be WD Live free!!

Well thanks for that positive statement. I see that in all those 3+ months you never bothered to come and ask for any type of help. In fact you only registered to tell us this amazing piece of news. Personally I would have sold it or given it away but hey as a mature person you must know best!

By the way was that bit of script at the end of your post meant to do something? It seems that you could not even get that to work.

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:smileyvery-happy: Hey you could have sent it to me, mine works the way i want it, (apart from mebe one or two very minor niggles, but then you could say that about just about any item you buy, you cant please everyone!) could do with a second one for the bedroom now, i can stream 1080p movies via wirelss to downstairs, load new films remotely and today i finally put all my dvd’s in the loft… all i need is a 3tb drive now…

As the OP said, shame you didnt come here first like most of us did, theirs a mine of info on here and some very helpful knowledgeable guys just willing to help out.


I’m glad you both have functioning machines and are happy with your purchases. I’m aware products are not perfect when released and updates are used to correct problems. Unfortunately the last two updates did the opposite and made problems worse. To the point that it is now not functioning.

Because that was my first post does not mean I didn’t come to this site first. Why do you think I had this thing for almost 4 months? The more I think it hurts… I spent many hours studying the excellent info available here. All my problems were and are still being thoroughly discussed here. I thank all those who have provided valuable info, but when the problems are with the system and not the consumers set up there is only so much you can do on your end. It is up to the manufacturer to correct their defects.

I wouldn’t give this product to my worst enemy. And, I’m sorry, but my personal morals prevent me selling something that I know doesn’t work to an unsuspecting buyer. Evidently you don’t have a problem doing that. I guess it’s just a personal choice.

As for the script at the end of my post your guess is as good as mine. I just typed my message and posted it. Maybe it’s a WD special feature?


ha ha. that’s awesome, I love the WD special feature.

Just popped in to see if the SMP owners are getting any happier since my last visit.

The script you see on cabbie11 posts he is most likely using Firefox browser and either a “add-on” is causing it or he’s caught some malware.

Disable Firefox “add-on” named  " codec-M" if it’s there … or try a different browser …or scan for malware

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Thanks for the tip Joey. I checked add-ons, and there was an add-on codec. Not sure what it was or where it came. Thanks though for the heads up on that.

My apologies to WD for the special feature remark.

What a useless discussion but what can you expect from people smashing their hardware with a hammer?