I erased my Passport to get rid of old files,now can't fix

Hi I erased my passport to get rid of unwanted files, then downloaded new software. When I do a backup, it shows that it is preparing the files, then shows 35gb of data to backup. The backup starts and shows a status bar, then 5 seconds later, shows back up complete. No files on the drive. I have re-installed the software several times, but get same result.

Hi cor4743,

Run the services.msc and in that run the WD Drive Helper and WD backup service and set it to automatic. Restart the computer after that and try to create the backup.

Hi, thanks for your input. I usually need a lot of handholding for these types of problems, but I did manage to follow your advice and set it to automatic, did a restart and backup, but no luck.

When I do the backup, it says preparing backup for about 5 minutes, then it shows progress bar saying backing up 0% of 35gb, and then one minute later is says backup complete, but nothing backed up.

Mail](https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=550986) for Windows 10

As this issue still persists so it would be better to contact WD Support about this.