I dropped my portable wd elements and i need help please!

I use my little portable hard drive, or, timothy, as i have named, FOR EVERYTHING. It has all of my files on it, my entire music library, eighteen years of photos, etc etc. Quite tragically, I dropped little timothy on the floor. Hard. He will not connect to my computer anymore. In the midst of my grief I bought a new usb cable, aimlessly hoping that would solve something-but to no avail. Whenever I plug lil timmy into my computer he makes quiet little beep noises akin to a dying heartbeat… but anyway. as I have come to terms with timmy’s death, my real question is, ARE MY FILES SAVEABLE?? Can my entire digital life somehow be saved despite the untimely fate of the device they are trapped inside of?? Is everything vanished forever???
No, there are no back-ups anywhere. Timothy was my back-up. I did not foresee his heart failure. Thank you, please send help

As per your case, it seems that your hard drive becomes physically damaged and that’s the reason, it’s not appearing in your system. I recommend you to go to disk management and check the status of your hard drive. For data, you can opt for the Stellar Phoenix data recovery software to recover a data from your damaged hard drive.