I don't want to upgrade to OS5

Hi, I have a My Cloud Mirror Gen2 wit OS3 and I don’t want to upgrade to OS5.
I understand that I will not have the latest features and security fixes but I have the right to keep it ‘as is’.
So I opened this topic so that WD be alert that it’s unacceptable to put an EOL on OS3 Web access or shut down the Apps on the Play Store.
I’m not asking for further updates. I’m asking just to keep them running ‘as is’.

I know that there are a lot and when I mean a lot, is a lot of people that want to keep the drive working as it was when it was originally purchased. And the ones that upgraded are fully regretted, so I think that a downgrade should be made available to those that updated and didn’t wanted to.

If WD decide to kill OS3 web/app access killing the usage as it was originally purchased you will make sure that I will open a complaint under the official entities on Europe for breaking terms and conditions and many will do on other regions of the world.


Unfortunatelly I made the wrong descision to migrate to OS 5 yesterday, and now I regret having done so. Never change a running system!