I don't have remote access anymore!

A year ago I move from Windows to Mac, after setting the new access in the Mac I used to have access to MyCloud at home from my office (miles far away of course). Today I was trying to get some files stored at home and I don’t have access anymore. In the upper WD icon doesn’t appear the disk when I stay out of the house, which means no access.

But… if I try to acces by my iPad or iPhone…I have access!!!

Somebody knows why?

What program or software are you using for remote access on your computer where you cannot reach the My Cloud? The WD My Cloud Desktop program? The MyCloud.com web portal?

I’m using the WD Access ver

But that you told me the mycloud.com webportal I got it!! thanks. But where can I get the My Cloud Desktop program? I don’t found it

The My Cloud Desktop program can be downloaded from the WD Learning Center: http://setup.wd2go.com/?mod=download&device=mc

From what I understand (I don’t use WD Access) one cannot generally use WD Access to connect to a WD My Cloud on a remote network

Yes, I try that before. But something is wrong with the software, after installed the interface appears in blank! Well thanks anyway because your solution using mycloud.com works for me, is not easy at all but works very well.

Sometimes uninstalling and reinstalling software can fix strange issues.

Some have reported problems installing the WD Sync software on their Mac when the Arial font has been disabled. The solution (see this link) was to enable the Arial font. Wonder if something similar is happening with the WD My Cloud Desktop software where by a disabled font causes that blank dialog box.

Yes, I read about that about the font issue, but it is already enabled all the arial family in my font book. Also I try to reinstall it twice and doesn’t work either.