I don't have any mountain close by, I need somewhere to throw this absolute piece of wonder so nobody ever finds it

What an absolute piece of shhht you could drive to Russia and watch the video and drive back before it loaded anything , there office Wall must be covered in scratches from these pieces of junk bouncing off

OK, so after your rant, can you tell us what the problem is with what device?

It takes forever to load up when I click on like you tube or anything else, it shut,s down sometime,s 5 times before the screen comes back and if it plays you can watch something

It is so slow at every thing that it completely agrivation

What is “it?” You posted in the Forum Feedback topic, so we have no idea what product you’re talking about.

It is wdtv live there is nothing on IT but you tube and a few radio station,s

HUH? Do you even know what a WDTV is for? It is a media player, so you need to give it some media to play like from a hard drive with movies, music and photo files on the drive. It does have a little bit of built-in streaming apps like YouTube, but it is a media player, NOT a media streamer.

If you want a media streamer then buy a Roku or an Amazon Fire TV device.

So it is pretty much a redundant device since smart TVs I can plug my hard
drive in the TV so not much use for it for sure thanks ,I guess that is why
it was 2.00 at value village ha thanks ,/ I have Android box,s just thought
this was something close

It is actually better than a smart TV, but that is another story. If you got it at value village it might not even work correctly. Anyway, your problem is solved. Good day.

Just a few apps play now on WD TV because support ended long ago and as aptly mentioned by Mike it is really a media player primarily now which is what I have always used it as using a thumbdrive with content I placed on it. Indeed I long ago stopped watching regular TV “live” apart from news and sports and the odd thing here and there and download and watch everything on my 2011 bought WD TV Live. It forever changed my TV viewing life. I also can not understand how WD didnt promote it better or invest in it since it was an early media player and really a sturdy machine

I have to concur with Sinker1. I recently purchased a WD TV Live to replace my WD TV Play and it has been a real headache. Constantly locks up. Frequently fails to respond to remote. After two days of effort, I finally got it connected to my WIFI network, and it has spent seventy two hours updating media library+ and is still compiling without end. I work hard for my money, and don’t have an endless amount of free time to work out bugs. This device should work out of the box.

mike27oct should temper his remarks. If has a magic bullet to make this work, then say so, by all means…

Where did you find one to purchase? They have not been sold new for years.