I don't get it.... why can't I just use this MyBook drive like every other USB drive in the world?

Disregard most of the following. The drive is not shoing up because it is DEAD out of the frigging box. I have 2 of these drives, so I tried the second one, and the drive can be seen in Windows Explorer as F: having 1.36TB available.

So the first one is just effed up.

Nice job to ship dead out of the box drives, WD.

I have a brand new MyBook Essential 1.5TB drive.  I am trying to backup my computer hard drive.

I plugged the MyBook in, and my Windows Vista 64-bit installed the drivers, and the WD SmartWare install ran.

However, I can’t do anything else. I get an error message when I tried to do a backup, and now the SmartWare won’t even run until I disconnect the MyBook from the PC. I have uninstalled and reinstalled, but keep running into the same problems.

I then decided to try a different program to backup my hard drive to the MyBook, but apparently the MyBook is not even accessible. When I go into Windows Explorer, the MyBook isn’t even showing up as a USB drive.  It shows up as follows:

Local Disk (F:)

CD Drive (G:) WD SmartWare

If I try to access F:, it tells me it “is not accessible.”  “The parameter is incorrect.”

G: Has all the SmartWare files and files, has 442 MB of used space, and 0 free space.

At one ppoint, I was able to see the F: drive available space as 0.  **bleep**?

I assume the rest of my 1.5TB of drive space is F:, but why the heck can’t I access it?  What good is a drive that I can’t just plug in to my USB and access??

How can I take this frickin’ drive and make it ONE drive letter, without all the SmartWare garbage?  I don’t want 2 “drives.”  I don’t want one seen as a CD drive. I don’t want the nonfunctional "Smart"Ware.

All I want is 1 flippin’ drive labeled “F:” or whatever, with 1.5 TB of space, showing up as a USB drive.  Nothing more, nothing less! 

go to disk management and see if the drive is visible…

you will need to reformat or change the drive letter

to remove the Smartware VCD you can run the  VCD Manager…

you can also disable the VCD if you have Smartware install on the settings