I did a dumb dumb. I SSH'd into the MyCloud, ran at root level the linux command to update all packages

I did a dumb dumb. I SSH’d into the MyCloud 4TB, ran at root level the linux command to update all packages. After all updates were complete, I cold no longer access the Dashboard.


At this point in time, I could still SSH into the unit but had obviously corrupted the apache config files during the updates.

I foolishly unplugged the unit and after that, white light. No more network access. I confirmed that it had not lost it’s static IP and gone to DHCP. There is literally zereo network access now to the device.

I have cracked open the case and connected the HD to a computer to confirm all partitions and files are there. Everything is good on the partition/data integrity end. So whats the best way to rollback? I was at the most current firmware before running the command to update all packages.

“Replace HDD” instruction (From step #8-2).
Or search on this forum “Howto unbrick device”.

All what you need - reupload rootfs partition (mdraid part, /dev/md0)

try to put your HDD inside some computer. There are scripts inside directory /usr/local/sbin which are used form web interface. There is also script /usr/local/sbin/factoryRestore.sh which probably restores factory settings of your device.

FactoryRestore won’t be able to revert the packages to the original; to do that will need fox_exe’s suggestion.

I have also done a dumb dumb and done the exact same thing, did fox’s tutorial work for you?

Just to clarify is it a definite nono to ever update all packages?