I connected mybooklive to my pc with the ethernet cable, now it doesn't show up

I had success directly connecting mbl to my windows 7 via ethernet; but now, it no longer shows up. I cannot access dashboard and the light is solid blue.

I recommend you connect it to a router and go from there, that is the supported setup. check manual.

Otherewise you would have to be a mid to advanced user.

And if you are a mid to advanced level user?  What do you suggest?

i have connected to a router. the light stays green and i have tried to run software install again, but the mbl cannont be found. it eventually returns to a blue light.

Mid to advanced…

  • Set Static IPs to both. However, this implies you have access to dashboard to set static IP

  • Both have to be on the same network range

  • Connect PC and MBL directly

  • access MBL by IP

thank you for your help and responses. i got it to work again by doing a simple reset on the back of the mbl.

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