I connected my device to my computer without a router it works so slow

Hello All,

I have 2TB My Cloud since last year, it was working perfectly until few days ago. Now I can not connect my device via my router. I just remove my router on the way and connect the device directly by ethernet cable and it works (almost doesn’t work) really slow.

I don’t have any WD service near me, so I need to solve that problem my myself. Is there any opinion or advices about it?


There is not much information to go on.

  1. Did you change ISP’s?
  2. Is it a new router? Have you rebooted the router to see if that helps?
  3. What OS are you using? (Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 - OSX … version)
  4. Have you rebooted/4 second/40 second reset on the MyCloud? Have you updated the firmware recently? What firmware are you running?

The more information you can provide … the more help this community can offer :slight_smile:

Hey thanks for interested,


  1. I am working at the municipality and our IT has changed something,
  2. High probably but at the moment I connect my device directly. So there is no router.
  3. Windows 10
  4. While I connect my device directly I can not reach http.//mylcloud/ page, so I don’t have that information.

Now I will try to connect via another router but without internet connection, and will inform you.

I connect with another router, it became 10 mb/s

I think that is normal speed right?

10 megabytes, or 10 megabits?

10mbit is not normal unless you are living in 1990.
Ideally, it should be 1gbit (as the port will go that fast on the NAS), but 100mbit is barely passable if you have very few connected users, and it only gets light use.

If you are driving at 10mByte/sec, you are likely connected at 100mbit. The max thruput without overhead is around 12mbyte/sec. Really, you want gigabit hardware, which will have a max thruput of 125mbyte/sec without overhead. (actual max transfers will be slower, due to protocol overhead)

How did you determine 10 Mbps? See image below of my Desktop computer. I am on wifi, speed 1.3 Gbps.
My, My Cloud rear lights are green. What color are yours? For more information on the LED’s see the User Manual for your generation of My Cloud. Use link at bottom of my reply.


Guys thanks for answers,

I meant I am copying files 10 mb per seconds which is 100 mbit on Wi-Fi Status.

The rear color is one is flashing green and other one is orange.