I can't work out ex4100 dashboard HELP!

So i have a new ex4100. I can enter the drives through a browser but it comes up with a very basic look at my files, it doesn’t show anything like the dashboard I see on the WD page and instruction manual.
I have downloaded the WD my cloud app for my desktop. again it only shows the files, not the drives, number of users etc.
I have tried to find a dashboard download on line an i can’t seem to find anything to match. What am I doing wrong?
the two shots below are the only way I seem to be able to access the drives.

thanks in advance.


You’re supposed to browse to http://wdmycloud.local (or whatever the URL is specified in your version of the user manual.)

Or, alternatively, just use the IP address


Yeah as Tony said best is write the IP adress of your NAS into the web browsed adress line. If you push the lower or upper button on your NAS unit several time you will find the IP adress of your NAS on display. Pretty easy :slight_smile: