I cant watch movies on WD TV LIVE

Hi fellows. I used to have 1st generation of WD HDTV and because of lack of DTS support I bought HD TV LIVE when it comes out my country couple months ago. Since then I have been experiencing problems on several videos. It shuts movie down (I know u’ll ask this all the movies are smooth on my MBP) and if it did it once it always does on different durations of movie. I mean for example it shutted a movie down in the last 10 minutes, and after it shuts down it becomes impossible to play fast or move where it shut it but i dont know why. And that killed my enthusiasm as well. 

I’m using WD Elite Book 2 TB or something like that and all the movies are 720p and mkv. I mailed to WD several times but there was no solution for my problem. I hope you have one or I am going to plan to change my movie player.

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Off hand it sounds like those movies are badly mastered.  I’m guessing you didn’t make them yourself, and that is a problem with downloading things from sources that aren’t necessarily trustworthy.

You can do a couple of things – you might post the MediaInfo on one of the files that causes this issue.  If the movie is an MKV you can look in MediaInfo and see if it was made by a version of MKVMerge greater then 4.0 – if so, it’s badly made and can be remade by running it through MKVMerge 4.0 or earlier.  You can also try running one of the files through Handbrake using the High Profile preset (but change the output type to MKV).  This will re-encode it so it’s not the best option, but it may be the easiest for you and it will clear up any issues that might be present.

The best advice?  Only play files you make yourself, or BUY from a commercial source.  Then you know they are properly made (and we can give you instructions on how to do this from the original DVD or blu-ray disc).

Hello. I have both the applications you said (Handbrake and MediaInfo) but i cant get info from MediaInfo. I chose another app to get info of the movie and I’m posting it. Maybe you’ll see the problem and I can convert it via Handbrake if you help me. 

Edit: I have also MKV Merge 3.1.

It wasn’t made with a “bad” version of MKVMerge, so at least you’re okay there.  But I can’t tell what the audio characteristics are so I’m not sure if that’s a problem.

Just for fun, load it up into Handbrake (just use File/Open and open it up) and then choose the High Profile preset (on the right) and output to MKV and see if it will play for you.

I will try that tomorrow. I will write the result ASAP thanks for help.

Now I’m doing what you have recommended me but I also updated my MediaInfo to give better info to you and these are screenshots of that certain movie .

I have just done what you told and new video is 1 hour long, which has been shortened 45 minutes. I think this is not normal isnt it?

Let me just reiterate what you are saying to make sure I understand you.

You took your original movie which was 1 hour and 45 minutes long (and which plays but at various points stops playing with the Live) and ran it through Handbrake using the High Profile preset but changed the output type to MKV, and it worked (finished without error) but the resultant file is now only 1 hour long?  Is that completely correct?

If so the answer is simple – the original file was very badly mastered, and Handbrake is also finishing prematurely because of it.  So you will need to get the original data (NOT the file, but the original disk the file came from) and create it properly using Handbrake.  This is why both the Live and Handbrake are having problems.

Completely true. I’ll try another video that gives the same problem. 

But there is an exception about that  I have several videos that played perfectly smooth on the 1st generation of WD TV but they cause same error.

mrcn_tr wrote:


But there is an exception about that  I have several videos that played perfectly smooth on the 1st generation of WD TV but they cause same error.

They could have the same symptom with a different cause – did you try running one of *them* through Handbrake?

I’m doing right now but it takes really long.

It shortened it again. But it was smooth on the first generation. I think there is no way to get them again. Thank you for help.