I can't watch .mkv and .avi files in my Sony TV

i have a problem
until now i watched in my sony tv .mkv and avi from DLNA ps3mediaserver in ubuntu.
Now, from my WD MyCLoud i don’t view the mkv and avi files, only play the mpg files.
any idea?


Are you still experiencing this?

Have you tried resetting the unit?


  1. Yes, the wd unit is new
  2. and yes, i reset the unit


I’m going to assume that you mean you can’t view MKV and AVI files.

How are you connecting your Sony to the MyCloud? Using the DLNA server? Using the SMB file server protocol?

What Sony TV is it? I assume it’s a ‘smart’ TV, with some sort of DLNA client app.
Are you using the same media client app on the Sony TV as you were when using the PS3 as a media server?
What video formats does that client claim to support?
Was the ps3mediaserver performing video format transcoding for you?

Have you configured the MyCloud’s Twonky DLNA media server properly (in particular, have you set the Media Receiver Type correctly)?

Thanks cpt_paranoia!!!

first, Sorry for my bad english!!!

I can’t view mkv and avi files.

My Sony TV is : Sony Bravia KDL-46HX720

I connect Sony to the MyCloud using DLNA, i don’t have any other option (does not appear SMB).
When using PS3 media server the connect mode was same, and then viewed mkv files and avi, and 3d mkv without problems.

I don’t know how configure the Twonky DLNA media server.

Is configured:

Have you tried another DLNA client to see if it too has trouble playing those media files from the My Cloud? Have you tried reencoding the media files as a test to see if it was the previous encoding that was potentially causing a problem with the MY Cloud Twonky media server? One can use a program like Handbrake (https://handbrake.fr/) to reencode video files to MKV or MP4.

Per the Twonky FAQ link cpt_paranoia posted above one can access the Twonky administration interface at:

Read the Twonky FAQ in the link I posted:

For setting the Media Receiver Type, see the section on optimising behaviour for media clients:

Thank you very much cpt_paranoia and Bennor

In the Android mobile, with BubbleUPnP app i select “local renderer” and i can view in the mobile with VLC app all files from WDMyCloud, yes mkv and yes avi.
But, if i select Bravia KDL renderer i can’t view the files mkv and avi in the tv.
Problem of my TV?

…But from PS3mediaserver yes i can view avi and mkv in my Sony TV.

I dont understand…

I got access to the Twonky administration interface at http://myip:9000

For setting the Media Receiver Type there many options.
I will read the links, there is a lot of information, thanks!!!

As suggested above take one of the media files that doesn’t play on the Sony TV and reencode it using a program like Handbrake or similar. It is possible there is something with the media file itself that the My Cloud Twonky media server is having trouble with. By reencoding you can eliminate the file format from possibly being an issue.

The DLNA media servers for each device (PS3 and the My Cloud) may be slightly different or out of spec leading a DLNA client like your TV to play the file properly from one but not the other.

Yes; there are. What is it currently set to? I’d start with trying ‘Sony Bravia’…

A DLNA media server will only how files to a client that the client reports it can use. If your Sony TV isn’t correctly reporting its capabilities to the Twonky server, the Twonky server may not show the other files. This is why it’s important to set the media receiver correctly.

The other problem is that the media receiver type uses a file that identifies what files types that receiver can process. This file is provided by Twonky, and, since the version of Twonky on the MyCloud is at least three years out of date, it may not be correct for your TV. You might try selecting ‘Windows Media Player’ as the receiver type, since WMP ought to be able to play any of those file types.

Current set is Sony Bravia

I have tried with different types (generic media receiver, ps3, windows media player…and so forth) , but result is same.

I have tried reencode one file .mkv using Handbrake to .m4v, but result is same. I can’t view mkv neither .m4v.

For the .avi files i have found solution, rename and change the extension .avi to .mpg, with this change i can view all .mpg.

I will continue testing.

Could be a solution install update the twonky server version???
I have got 7.2.9-11 version, and the last version is 8.3