I can't use my mapped network from home, only have web access (pc)

Hi everyone!

I’m having a really hard time accessing the cloud as a mapped network when I’m at home. (This may be impossible and I don’t even know it) I keep the device at work, but when I work from home I can’t even enter the drive, it looks like you can see on this picture (I can, however, access it online, but for work reasons it needs to be via my folders). Does anyone know how to make this happen?

A network drive mapped into a computer’s file system on a local network will not be accessible outside that network; the IP address used to connect to the device will be the local network IP address, not the global IP address.

The MyCloud used to allow remote drive mapping (using the global IP address), but this function was removed with the ‘OS3’ firmware upgrade.

I’m not sure if the drive mapping you have shown above is a local network mapping, or a global network mapping.

The only remote access now officially available is via the www.mycloud.com portal, using a web browser, or using the Mobile or Desktop Apps.

Unofficially, Nazar78’s CloudDAVMod will (I think) allow remote drive mapping:

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You officially cannot map a remote My Cloud at this time. WD removed the remote driving mapping option when they revamped the WD2Go.com/Mycloud.com web portal and the release of the OS 3 firmware.

Feel free to join others in complaining about this feature loss in the following Cloud Ideas thread:


Unofficially, as cpt_paranoia points out, one can use CloudDAVMod to remote map a My Cloud. Downside is the need to install that unofficial mod via SSH.

Or one could setup a VPN connection into the remote network and map the My Cloud through the VPN tunnel.

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Thank you @cpt_paranoia
Really appreciate your response! It’s a shame, that’s exactly what I wanted out of this

Thank you @Bennor
I do lack tech vocab, thank you for your breakdown! Really helped me understand what options I have!