I can't update my firmware

I am setting up my MyBookLive after it being in strage for >5years. I have a brand new Windows Laptop (Bought a few months ago so has windows 10). In the set-up it tells me that I need to update the firmware, I have successfully up dated the firmware once and tried again… same requirment. But now when I try to update it again it gives “Communication error: Please see Knowledge Base article 5657” I have change router and connection and I am now connected through my ethernet cable so I know the connection isn’t a problem, can anyone help?

Please note that this link is to a download for a file that is the latest and last FW version. So make note of the version you currently have and make sure it is less than this version - 02.43.10 - 048 (6/22/2015)

HERE is the download. Once downloaded you can install it from the file as shown in the picture. I suggest you backup all data you have on the MyBookLive prior to installing the firmware.