I can't update DL2100

I’m trying to update from 2.41.116 to 5.15.106 but I receive a “-1” in updating process.

I’ve tried from automatic uploads and upgrading from a file.

Can anyone help me, please?

PS: I can’t send a support ticket because I receive " * Error al actualizar el registro del sistema."

@joscar1989 Please use the below link to create a Support case and share the Ticket Number.


You may use Cloud servers to upload the logs and share it in the Support Case.


@joscar1989 meanwhile you may check the below KBA

My Cloud OS 5: Firmware Update Failed Message

@joscar1989, I think you need to manually update from 2.41.116 to 5.11.112 using https://downloads.wdc.com/nas/WDMyCloudDL2100_5.11.112_prod.bin and then try to update to the latest OS5 firmware.