I can't trust this hard drive

Again and again and again, I am following the instructions to try again to log into the hard drive after a few failed password attempts, but it keeps popping up with the failed password attempt dialog box. How many fricken times do I have to unplug it, turn it off, turn it back on, and re-plug it into the computer before it lets me type my password again? I swear if I ever get back into this hard drive I am taking all of my information off of it and I am taking it back to the store. I simply cannot trust this hard drive. It is less dependable than a laptop computer’s hard drive.

I can’t remember my email, so I had to re-register with “2” after my name. The problem was my mistake, not the hard drive’s. I am embarrassed to admit that I was not unplugging the hard drive at all. I was disconnecting the USB chord from the computer. When I actually unplugged the hard drive from its power source, I was given the password prompt that I needed.

That’s good to know.  Unplug power cable and disconnect USB cable.