I can't share with WD Photos in whatsapp and others

I have an iphone and I prefer WD Photos to see the content, since it works much faster than My Cloud. But this app is so old that it does not let me share the content with any social network. It only has facebook and it does not work.

How do you do? The My Cloud app is very slow


Unfortunately, WD photos is no longer being updated. The last update was on February 27, 2015. Let’s see if any of the experienced users can share some information about the apps that they use.

Hello, WD Photos app may not support direct sharing to WhatsApp and other apps. As a workaround, save the photos to your device’s gallery and then share them via WhatsApp or your preferred app. You can use YOWA, maybe WD Photos support direct sharing. But keep in mind using this apps is a risk.

Since WD Photos may not support sharing directly to social networks, you can try alternative methods BGMI to share your content. One option is to use the “Share” or “Export” functionality within WD Photos to save the desired files to your device. Once saved, you can manually upload them to the social network apps or platforms of your choice.

hi, thanks for the solution i will try it.