I can't seem to download pictures

I am trying to download pictures on my iPhone from my My Cloud drive.

I tap the 3 does, select the photos then tap Download.

The photos on the drive still show the little blue down arrow.

I went into Activity and it says Complete but they are nowhere to be found in my Photos app and the little blue down arrow is still there.

They’re in the Downloads section.

So there is no way to move it to my Photos app?  So I can share it via SMS or iMessage??

You can. Bear in mind I am not an Iphone expert,  however, once you view an image, downloaded or not,  you see at top right corner a triangle and an arrow in it (sharing option). touch that and it gives you option to emeail, email link. print and  “open in” options, from there you can airdrop it, open in an app (depends what you installed such as twitter etc) and one of these apps is the photo app.

I enabled sharing on ICloud photo sharing (uses same photos app) and I can drop it in an album and then save it on phone and from there you can send to message etc … as normal

hope this helps.

I don’t see the Photos app, just the iCloud Photo Sharing option.

This seems like a convoluted way to get a photo into my Photo library.  Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, even PogoPlug all offer an easy way to download directly into the phone’s photo library.

correct, that is the one. drop photo there and from that app you can save to phone and use photo app to message it etc.

yeah they should be able to save to phoen directly. One for feature request i guess :slight_smile:

I don’t think that is what I want.  When I tap Open In and the iCloud Photo Sharing I have to type in the name for the album and then add the e-mail address for who I want to share it with.

sorry to hear that.

Here is how I did it just now.

View a picture in mycloud app.

use the sharing option and open in

I used Icloud phto sharing.

I choose the album

I type the name of the photo

touch the post (top right corner)

goto photo app

bottom row choose shared

choose the shared album you used

you should see the photo there

bottom left of photo is the “share” option

touch that

you have many options what to do with photo

one of these option is “save image” you can also, message, email, twitter, facebook, airdrop, flickr and many more options

hope this helps.

It would be easier to just tap Open in an app like Camera+ then just tap save to Photos.

I am just amazed that WD doesn’t offer this function natively.

True, a long way  :slight_smile:

check suggestion forum and add your feature request there.