I can't see any media servers

Purchased my WD Live a few weeks ago.  I have Windows 7 Ultimate on my network configured as specified in posts in this forum and the WD help.  I also have a Window Home Server storing all my media.  I have installed Windows Media Player on the WHS and enabled the media server there.  Shortly after I got my WD Live I downloaded and installed PlayOn on my Windows 7 box.  All worked fine.  I could see Media Servers from my Win7, WHS, and PlayOn.

Then I removed the PlayOn when the trial expired.  And I lost all my Media Servers from my WD Live.  I can see all the shares and stream all media from them, but no Media Servers.  I liked PlayOn and purchased it after they offered me a discount.  Installed it again and still can’t see any Media Servers.

Any ideas?


Have you search the rest of the forum about this issue? I’d give it a try. You can also contact WD’s Technical Support by phone or email.

To Contact WD for Technical Support