I cant scroll on APPS - WEB FILE VIEWER


When I use Linux (I use several distros like ubuntu-mate, linuxmint on several computers) I cant scroll on the folder list.
I have tried firefox, chromium, chrome and midory.

When I use windows, it works ok on firefox and chrome.

What can I do?


I have no clue why the firmware developers decided to make a scroll bar that is to thin. At least for Windows I’ve learned that the scroll wheel on a mouse works better then trying to use the scroll bar.


I am also seeing this problem in multiple browsers. (FireFox 53, Chrome 59 and Epiphany 3.22)
This makes the Web File Viewer unusable for larger directory structures.

Does WD have any plans on fixing the size of the scroll-bar in multiple browsers?
Are there any plans to implement “Previous” / “Next” buttons (pagination) ?

Make a suggestion in the Network Storage ideas forum and get as many people to vote-up your suggestion. When I see your suggestion I will add my vote. :wink: