I Can't read the content of my drive (My Book Pro Edition II)


I have a My Book Pro Edition II with 2Tb. It’s NTFS formated and I use it on a mac and on a Windows Vista machine (I use Paragon NTFS for Mac).

I was on the mac and deleted some files on the disk. For a reason I was not able to empty the trash after that. I searched apple support site and was told to run repair disk on disk utilities. It found some errors and repaired the disk.

After that I’m not able to access the disck contents any more. It shows up on desktop with the correct volume name (it even tells me the drive is 73Gb free as it was supposed to). But I can’t access it. 

So I connected it to the windows machine. And on Windows, Volume name do not shows up and I can’t run a chkdsk because windows can’t access the drive.

I’ve downloaded WD Lifeguard diagnostics and the disk passed the fast test. Now it’s exted test is running. And it should take another 18hrs to complete ;-(.

What can I do to restore access to disk and not lose it’s content (almost 2Tb of precious files).?


Leonardo Dias

On Windows try running TestDisk http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk and see if that will restore partition data which may be corrupt now.