I can't open my wd drive with windows 8 but it works with mac pro ....? this drive forwindows but it's work with mac ..... how..?

i bought WD My Passport Ultra 2 TB Portable External USB 3.0 Hard Drive with Auto Backup, Blue i used this for about 1 year with out problem with windows 8. but suddently after i use it. i cannot use it anymore, means my drive cannot recognise by my laptop but when i try to open with mac pro, seems ok. i can open doc n play some movies from my drive but still i cannot open it with my windows 8 laptop …

Is there anyone can help me, how to solve the problem …???

Hello, was the drive formatted in FAT 32? Have you tried connecting the drive on another Windows computer?

i dont know if iam not wrong i formatted under windows 8 OS.

I bought my WD My Passport Ultra 2 TB Portable External USB 3.0 Hard Drive with Auto Backup almost 2 years ago without problem. I use laptop windows 8. I put many data inside and around 50 GB left. Everything was ok until one time it didn’t work properly.

It takes more than 2 minutes to be recognized by my compute not few second like before. And when it is recognized, it appear as local disk, not a name of my WD.

When I click the drive, it takes around 5 minute then showed a window: “ location is not available. F:\ is not accessible. The parameter is incorrect.”

I click on my Windows start button and then look for “Computer”, right click on it and then click on manage.

My WD is show up everything is ok ( volume, layout-simple, type-basic, status-healthy primary partition, capacity fine) but file system is not NTFS but RAW and free space 100%.

And then I try to plug my drive to my friend’s mac book ( apple ) surprisingly it works very well. I can open all kind of docs, music and movies from there.

Is there any body can tell me what should I do to fix my drive …?

Hi, can you please take a screenshot of the drive in Windows disk manager and from Mac Disk Utility and share it?