I can't hibernate, because I can't see the timeline bar!


For days I’m reading the forum and no one has my problem,  when I go into the section to “save energy” in my book live I check the box to hibernate, but in any case I don’t see the minutes bar  to set how much time must pass before it hibernate.

I don’t have this timeline, does anyone have the same problem??  How can you activate it?

My firmware is VERSION: MyBookLive 02.11.09-053: Core F / W.

Thank you very much!

“Sleep” is either ON or OFF.

There’s no longer a selectable time.

So, why don’t hibernate my MBL?? It always is working (green light), I must desactivate any function??

Thanks for the awnser!!!

Hi again,

If i turn off all service the led is green solid, bu it never is blue!!.