I can't get my cloned "C" drive to start Windows

I added a new hard drive, a WD20EARS, and partitioned it. I  used HawkPE and Ghost 8 to clone C to R. The partition is active. I go back in to Windows in Safe Mode Command Prompt and change R to C and change the boot drive order in the BIOS. When I try to log on to Windows it goes through the Black windows screen OK but when it gets to the blue start up screen it doesn’t show a user name to log on. If I go back and change everything to the original drive with Windows it works.  I can’t remove the original drive in BIOS but I have changed the boot order and switched the SATA cables from the one the works to the one that doesn’t and nothing

Did I miss something?


Hi there, what if you zero out the drive and try to clone it again?

I am using the Acronis clone program from WD and it comes up with an error message when I try to clone c to d. Any ideas?

I’m having the same problem!1

You have to clone whole drive including free space. If cloned C: Drive (Partition), this will not work. I had used Nero Drive Image 4, Paragon Drive Imaging and Windows 7 native drive image (Backup Option) all worked for me.  But Acronis was a failure.

There are options available to resize the partition during the cloning or after completing the process in many programs.

As I said before, I choose whole drive… not just a partition.

This is a first and if this is the way the WD drives are this will be that last that I buy.

i have used official acronis 11 on one xp system and cloned to another drive with no problems

Level_Marc wrote:

This is a first and if this is the way the WD drives are this will be that last that I buy.

This is not a brand specific issue. Win XP (10MB) & Win7 (100MB) require unformatted space to write temp boot files in booting process. Windows installation keep this free space on a specific location.  If you clone just C: partition and expect to boot properly, it will not work on any drive. But you can you use Win7 disk to repair (Repair option) your new drive to make it bootable. 

Again this isn’t the first time that I’ve done this but this IS the first time that I can’t get the drive to boot.  I’ve used both XXCopy and Ghost to do this before.