I can't get Mediafly custom feed to work

Mediafly may work on the WD TV Live Hub if you use their predefined feeds.   But if you create a custom feed, there is nothing but problems.   The feed doesn’t update, the feed shows the same Podcast episode repeated about 10 times, it does not support feeds that require authentication, and it works for a week and quits.  It is broken and no one’s there to fix it.  Mediafly is like the office closed, everyone left, and someone forgot to turn off the server.   Nothing ever changes on Mediafly,  features say coming soon for over a year, nothing is updated, the home page hasn’t ever changed, it’s just an abandon wed site.

Move to something else that allows custom RSS feeds that update properly and work with the WD HUB.   As it is now RSS feeds can’t be done with the WD TV Live Hub 

what sort of ‘custom feed’ are you refering to? adding your own rss feed? Mediafly is a podcast aggregator, and we dont have much control over the content of a feed. If a feed is listing 10 of the same episode, either it is not the root feed you are adding, or there is something in the rss feed that is indicating this action. 

if you post a link to the rss feed(s) you are having trouble with, i can take a look at them.

we certainly respond to all forum posts on our website, and help each user as best as we can. The website isn’t abandoned, and is constantly being tweeked for better use (including a re-boot 6 months ago, to the new onair site)

the office is open, and we are listening :wink:



The feed is from Giant Bomb.  I have to use Yahoo pipes because Media Fly does not support username and password authentication.

Here is the RSS feed I use.


It works for a few days, and then it doesn’t update with new videos.  When Media Fly stops updating I look at the feed in a reader and all the new videos are there.  Then I look on Media Fly and it has old feed post.

Sorry I had to delete to above feed.  I didn’t want any unauthorized use.  If you still want to help, I will be willing to get a new one to you some other way.

You are correct in that ‘Locked’ feeds are not supported. This is a feature that is available to people looking to have mediafly create apps for them, but not available through our free OnAir service. OnAir is a free service for free podcasts only, at this point.


Yes you are correct.  Which brings me back to the point that Mediafly is worthless on the WD TV Live hub and should be removed and replaced with stand alone Podcast app.

while it may not work for locked down content, it is good for free podcasts, which is what most of our users want and use. The feeds that already are found in the app were all added by users, and adding a free podcast feed is easy and effective. 

I believe you can download/add additional apps to the WD. In that case, perhaps approach a company that makes the product you want, about building the product for the WD.