I cant found my cloud home due on my network

I cant found my cloud home due on my network I try many things to found it but still not showing , I try to restart it but still same issue , what can I do to keep my cloud home due showing on my network ?

Check your router for the IP used by the device then use the IP in your browser to navigate to it.

Thanks Dear to reply,

I try this step before but when I enter the ip of Device on browser its give me this massage ({“key”:“notFound”,“message”:“Not Found”})

And my cloud home due device Front LED Status its Heartbeat

Ignore my last message @ASB, I did not realize the Home edition does not have a browser interface. Your only option is to use the app or WD website…

Still have same problem , I try to search my devise from the dashboard its not showing any things

the led light stat like this


Sounds like you would really benefit from contacting WD Support @ASB