I can't find My Book 3.0 anymore on the site

As subject,

where is the My Book 3.0 on the WD site?

I can find only My Book Essential on the WD site, where is the My Book 3.0 page?

Hi there, Please click here to find the My Book 3.0 I found it searching the drive by name.

The two are now merged.

The old My Book Essential specs only listed USB 2.0… it was only the My Book 3 that listed support for USB 3.0.

Now the amalgamated My Book Essential page, lists both USB 2 and USB3 for interfaces, and when you get to Specs, you can see which are the 3.0’s


My Book 3.0 and My Book Essential are two different drives so how can you merge it?

This is My Book 3.0


and is not listed in the essential page. Why they removed the My Book 3.0 page?

My mistake… I jumbled up the 3.0 and the Essential 3.0 in my mind.

No clue why the 3.0 pages have been removed.  Either WD’s reorganizing the website again, or they’re dropping the 3.0… there’s other WD products that are no longer sold and no longer have pages, but also aren’t in “Legacy” yet.

I would like to know if My Book 3.0 is a dismissed product, is there a way to know it?

no one knows if the my book 3.0 has been dismissed?

Call Customer Service or PM one of the moderators if you are so concerned. This is just a users group not customer service.


do you think that moderators have more information on this?

They work for WD none of the rest of us do. I wouldn’t  waste time worring about it .


I don’t known that mod here are WD employees, I will ask them.

What is it you need to know, specifically, about the My Book 3.0?


I need to buy 20 of this drives and I want to know if I will find it in stores in two months or if it will be dismissed soon.

Its strange for a drive that hasn’t been dismissed to not find a official product page on the official site.

allow me to share a link from the WD Store if you would like to buy a My Book 3.0 here is the place  http://store.westerndigital.com/store/wdus/en_US/DisplayProductDetailsPage/ThemeID.21986300/categoryID.36026100/parid.13092300/catid.13092800

I don’t need to buy them now but I will buy the drives on september.

I would like to know now if I will find this drives on september in shops, is My Book 3.0 has been dismissed now,

I will not find 20 devices on september.

sblantipodi, it is advisable to contact WD directly for this, as nobody here can give you an specific answer for your question, I, personally, doubt  that this drive will not be available in September, but you better get confirmation directly from WD:

To Contact WD for Technical Support

Contacted, thanks,

I’ll keep you posted on the answer.


Allow me to provide the link to contact the WD Store, I rather to buy products directly from them.