I can't find all of My Files in wdmycloud

In my wdmycloud has all 10 folders inside but right now I can see only 2 files from file explorer.

Are there any advices to make me see all folders in wdmycloud from file explorer?


please clarify what these 10 “folders” are and what  share(s) they are in. or if these are actually shares and not folders

be default there are a few shares automatically on the mycloud, public, smartware etc and you can create your own shares in the mycloud user interface

within shares you can place files and folders.

can you see these from the mobil or desktop apps? if they are shares can you see then from the mycloud user interface?

Normally when I connect to by cloud by typing \wdmycloud on address bar in file explorer (even I didn’t login any user yet), I can see all folders in mycloud. Right now I can not find any folder in file explorer. However I still be able see all folders from desktop app.

I have tried the system reset. When it was resetted, I can be able to see all folders from files exploerer but one day later I can’t see any. Also right now I can not be able to map mycloud to my computer.

What can I do next to see all folders?