I can't create a new or see my shared folder


I have a problem and i need help for a novice.

It’s probably nothing but i can’t create or see my shared folders :


Maybe a service to restart, i don’t want to make a mistake. I prefer ask here.

Sorry for my english …

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Do you still have a D: drive?

D: should have a folder called Server Folders and the shares should be in there

Yeah, i still have. All working… i create my shared folders directly on windows interface but before, they was visible in the WD interface.

The windows library doesn’t work because of the sharing WD don’t see my folders :confused:

Before this problem, i had create some folders with the WD Interface who still working but invisible.

The WD interface wait on ‘actualising the folders’ and then nothing…

The Sharing interface on Windows works :

Screen Windows Interface

Screen Library Interface

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Have you rebooted?

I asked around and someone said to make sure the “Server Service” was started.

My question is have you changed the permissions to the D:drive?  Installed any 3rd party applications?

Funny, none of my Windows Server for Small and Medium Business had ever seen your “screen windows interface” png.  We all use the wizards.  A cluster MVP said it was under administrative tools.

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Yes, it’s in the administrative tools : )

I resolved my initial problem but, still having the " Screen Library Interface" but with an other message now :confused:

(for the initial, it was a sharing service with ps3 who did that, i kill it and now it’s good)

–> My question is have you changed the permissions to the D:drive?  Installed any 3rd party applications?  --> PS3 Server uninstalled

so now, i have :

WD Interface - OK

Web Connect - NOK

The web connect doesn’t see my shared folders …

You know this problem ?


Go to users in the dashboard>properties>remote web access and be sure they have shared folders checked

In the shared folders tab check music for example that the user has at least read access

Try creating a new test share in the dashboard and see if it shows

instead of PS3 server try Serviio it seems to work well