I cant connect to MyCloud EX2 outside my LAN

I cant connect with Mobile-Phones or Pads on MyCloud. It Always shows after a long Loadingtime “Netwokfailure” or “Offline Error” and so on. I resetet the Index in the Options of MyCloud and checked Point for Point the Installation. But always the same Error. Plz dont Paste the Link to the Manual…Help me

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It would be best to provide additional information related to the version of the WD My Cloud app you are using in your mobile devices. I would also suggest confirming if this issue relates to port-forwarding issues with your network or user access permissions on the unit’s Dashboard admin page (Not the installation app).

Ports are open in the Router 4443 to 443 and 8080 to 80. The App-Version is 4.4.3. And the Dashborad is also Up to Date.

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Have you tried cycling between WiFi and your data plan in order to confirm if the issue relates to a particular access point?

Over my own Wifi it is no problem but over the mobile Network or other Connections no way.

I have the same issues - I can use Plex to play my music and so on remotely - but accessing the dashboard outside of my own wi-fi - not a chance - not on data on my iPhone or my sisters house’s wi-fi!

What router and cable modem are you using? Do you have a double-NAT situation?

What do your various connection status in the dashboard say?

In my case, I am using a BT Home Hub - I am even having trouble getting Plex to maintain a connection of late!

Probably an issue with UPNP/port forwarding. Can’t help as I’m not familiar with the BT hub (I’m in the USA).