I can't acess (red light)

I don’t know why, but suddenly I stopped to get access to WD My Cloud.
I am very worried because I have theer all my files (photos, music, documents).

What should I do?

I tried everything (I guess) and I red a lot of solutions but nothing worked.

When I disconnect eletric cable I turned it on again, it always keed a fixed (light) red/rose light in frontal LED .

Please, help me!

Use the “Search” magnifying glass in the upper right corner and search for “Red Light” use the advanced option to just search in the “My Cloud” forum. You will find plenty of posts the the issue. I would also search for “Retrieving Data” and you may find a solution to your problem. I assume you have no backup of the My Cloud?

Thanks a lot. I will try to do it…
Let’s hope I can.

No, I don0t have a backup!

If it turns out that the MyCloud is dead, but the disk isn’t, this thread demonstrates a successful method of data recovery:

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