I can't access to my cloud, it show like this

I can’t access to my cloud, it show like this.[quote=“boonlaer, post:1, topic:248448, full:true”]
I can’t access to my cloud, it show like this.

Remote access using the MyCloud.com web portal has been down for over a week with little response from WD on the issue. Several other discussions on this ongoing issue:

The​ remot access is​ down​ ​from covid_19 isn’t it?

ในวันที่ อ. 17 มี.ค. 2020 20:05 น. Bennor via WD Community wd@discoursemail.com เขียนว่า:

Please note that I AM NOT a WD employee or associated with them in any way. I simply asked a speculative question. I have NO knowledge that the Covid-19 is the cause of the remote access problems or the reason why WD hasn’t fixed their problems yet.

At this time we customers do not know why WD hasn’t fixed remote access or even what has caused it.

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