I can't access to my book elite


Firstly sorry for grammer mistakes.

I have WD My book elite 1TB.It was work great since 1 year,but today i formatted to my pc x86 to x64 win7.

And after that now,i can’t see my book on my computer window.Led light on my book is lighting also pc give connect sound when i plug in to usb cable.But driver and program install window doesn’t open. So i guess i deleted wd smartware before.

I downloaded smartware from here and installed it also drivers.I cant see my book there too.I restart to pc of course.

So what’s the problem ? It’s too much important for me. Because i was back up all my files footages works before i formatted to my pc.

Also I was set password for my book.It could be problem ?

Any help will be really appreciated!

Also i try it on my laptop same problem there to, it connects windows update making update but doesn’t seen on my computer.

We need a little more information to help. How did you backup before with Smartware or some other way? Is the drive recognized in Disk Management? Did you set a password before? 


I didn’t back up on my WD book elite.I just copied all my files on my C: to WD book elite before format my pc.

I didn’t format WD. I format my windows,that means C: Drive.I was use my WD with password.

WD Book drive doesn’t seen on disk management.

I also try on my laptop it connect to pc then instal initio combo device class thats it nothinks happen and can’t access.

I guess i was delete wd smartware setup from my Book elite.It could be why auto setup doesn’t start but i download program from here and install it then restart but that’s same.I opened wd smartware there is just my C: drive.

I upload some images may help situtation.




You better contact customer service. I think the mention of Intio Combo Device points to a problem with the circuit board on the drive.


It’s really interesting problem.Are my files will erase :frowning:

Also i install wd smartware laptop and try it that way. Again unsuccsesfull.

Look like problem with wd book hardware.

Is could be damage when i formatting my windows ? Because ı wasn’t unplug it.

Customer services are really stupid here.I know what will happen i will go and he says ok let’s take it to technical service.

Then wait 30 days for response from them. Really discusting.I would like solve my problem myself.

Is there anybody can help ?