I can't access the MyCloud dashboard from PC, only from phone

I have an weird issue with MyCloud (2 TB disk), generation 1…I think…
I can’t access the dashboard from the wired network.
I can access the IP address, I see the user but when I click on login, nothing happens.
When I do the same things from my phone is working nice.
I can see the shared folders in explorer, I could not map the drive, I am getting an error but I managed to map the folder from MyCloud where I want access, so no issue.
Though, it is strange why from a windows 10 (wired device) I can’t access it.

I did change the router in the last half an year and since then I think I have this issue (also installed win10 on the PC in this time so not sure from where the problem is, router or windows installation).
Any idea?

@NICOLAE_FRATILA Have you looked at the User Manual, Appendix A?

I’ve read the manual and unfortunately is not working.
The normal way to login up to now was with the fixed IP. In the same way I am doing on phone and is working.
Not sure what is wrong…

I’ve managed to make it work on one PC only…somehow is related to PC settings.
I’ve rebooted (40 seconds one) and I’ve re-arranged the folder, everything, in fact.
Delete all back-ups, etc. Fresh start.
But I am still not able to login from main PC (windows 10 also) so I assume has something to do with this one.
My cloud app for win is working.
Smartware is working so I have no idea what’s wrong with it?

What specific error message do you see in the web browser when you attempt to access the My Cloud Dashboard? Can you post a screen shot? As a troubleshooting step try disabling all add-on’s in the web browser. It’s possible certain add-on’s could interfere with the loading of the My Cloud Dashboard page.

There is no error, I click on login and nothing happens, it’s just staying in the login page.
BTW, the address http://wdmycloud is not working, I am using the static IP to connect.

If you cannot access the My Cloud using it’s network name that may indicate some sort of DNS issue with your local network router, or issue with SMB 1.0 being disabled on the computer, or the Windows computer is configured for Public rather than Private network. If using Microsoft Windows 10 it’s possible Microsoft disabled SMB 1.0 during a recent update. The following two posts have some suggestions on getting the My Cloud to work properly with Windows 10.

Also try a different web browser as a troubleshooting step. Also try disabling any security software or Windows “host” file manager as a troubleshooting step. It is possible one or both of those kinds of programs can interfere with the Dashboard. And lastly make sure no add-on apps are running as some can interfere with the Dashboard scripting.

Seems that I managed to sort it out. The antivirus (Bitdefender) was blocking the static IP address.
The link http://wdmycloud/ does not work anyway but with the IP address is working just fine.
The next step is to solve the issue with the shared folders not visible in DLNA.