I can't access my Passport Elements SE 750 GB

I have a similar problem as reported by other users.

A week ago my Passport Elements SE 750 GB (WDBABM7500ABK) stopped accepting data. I decided to update firmware from WD download site and now the computer recognize the disk, identifying it as local disk f: but don’t display any information neither allow access. When I plug it in, the light turns on, and we can hear it spinning normally. I have a lot of valuable info on there and I would like to access and backup it. I would like to know if a solution could be to open the box and to use the disk as internal drive.

Not with that drive, it’s hardware encrypted and you won’t see the data. If the drive is empty as a local disk then the problem here is data corruption either on the drive or the file system, so try a data recovery software first.