I cannot set the hdd sleep in wd mybook live?

I already update the firmware

In the wd dashboard,hdd sleep is enable and the wd appear to never enter sleep mode

I try to set the time for sleep but unable to find where is the option? I know it can on smartware but when I click on set drive in wd smartware it goes directly to wd dashboard…no settings for sleep appear there

Also when I shutdown the wd in quickview,is there a way to turn it on again? since there is no power button on it,i have to unplug power cable and replug

Hi, you can see page 64 of the manual for the steps to enable/disable the sleep mode. If the problem continues, verify that no other programs or devices are trying to access the My Book Live. After turning Off the My Book Live you need to disconnect the power cable and then plug it back in. 


Perhaps this topic will help you. I had the same problem, HDD wouldn’t go to sleep. After days of research and experimentation I developed this solution:


One thing, I am NOT an expert so there is no way I can tell you if this is your problem. All I can say is that my directions work for people who have my same problem.