I cannot see my WD passport in the computer

The external drive had never fallen. It still uses the original cable and I have bought another, but it doesn’t connect to the laptop. The light is there, the humming sound is there, but no connection. Windows 7 says unknown device. Ubuntu doesn’t see it too. I downloaded UVCView.x86 and this is the what it says; 

—===>Device Information<===—

ConnectionStatus: FailedEnumeration
Current Config Value: 0x00 -> Device Bus Speed: Low
Device Address: 0x00
Open Pipes: 0
*!*ERROR: No open pipes!

===>Device Descriptor<===
*!*ERROR: bLength of 0 incorrect, should be 18
bLength: 0x00
bDescriptorType: 0x00
bcdUSB: 0x0000
bDeviceClass: 0x00
*!*ERROR: Device enumeration failure

I would like to know, if there is any way to recover the files in it and/or a way to format it.


In addition to my earlier post, the following are the other info;

“Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)”

“Unknown device”

“Windows had determined the driver software is up to date”

I believe I won’t get a solution here. Most probably Pizzamatrix’s one is the solution–never trust your external hard drive. In this case, never trust your WD Passport. I hbought a Seagate at the same time and I had copied most of the date from WD in case, so I do have the data. The only thing I must do now i sto take WD Passort to a technician, who might get it working, otherwise it goes to the garbage can!