I cannot get photo stream in WD passport on mac

I recently bought WD My passport for Mac.
I moved all my photos from a PC via a USB flash drive. No problem there, all 78GB about 33000 images are now on the WD portable hard drive.

My problem is how do I view the images as a slide show in the drive itself. I have the photos all arranged in folders within the drive corresponding to the year taken.

I can view the images individually they open without problem. Not being able to view as a slide show makes no sense.

I have a MacBook Air bought as Yosemite now on El Capitan 10.11.3

I’m also new to Mac after being a PC user for years,.

Appreciate any help. Thanks in Advance.

Hi, unfortunately I am not a Mac and don’t know hot to view the pictures as a slide show, lets see if another user is able to provide some information on this.

Thanks. I got the answers from the Apple Community.