I cannot for the life of me figure out how to organize the files on my hub please help

It’s a mess from a number of usb syncs. There is too much data to just move it with the remote through the wd interface. I figured I would just access it through the netword over my PC and do a little folder making/merging. But when I click on the device I locate over the network (using Windows 7 btw) it takes me to window in my browser with options but nothing I can use to organize the files. I can get at the files through twonky and opening them through windows media player but none of those have the option to create folders and move files around. 

How can I do this? I basically just want to organize the hard drive of my Hub a little. Seems so basic. 

You’re trying to access it via the WEB gui.   You need to map the Hub as a shared drive.


Downloaded that program and am now able to access the internal harddrive with ease through my computer.