I cannot boot from WD Blue 1TB SSD (WDS100T2B0A)

so i have succesfully installed the ssd, my sata cabels are fine because when i boot from my previous disk (hdd) i can normally acces and store data on the ssd but when i install OS system on the ssd i cannot boot the pc from it, i have set AHCI on, i have set all the things in bios correctly, the WD disk is in boot option #1 or #2, i have followed this tutorial

i have followed all the steps on it and it doesnt work
im running windows 10 pro
my bios version is F1

please help

Are both drives in the PC when you’re doing all this?


I would pull the other drive, put in the SSD only and install Windows on it. Make sure it boots. Then toss the HDD back in and see what happens.