I cannot access WD Webpage

When trying to access WD storage I got the message "The connection has not been restored.
After searching the forum, I tried various suggestions, ending up with doing a Factory Restore.
When I try to access, it starts to open as “Accessing WD My Cloud”. I then get a flash message which I think say "Cannot access configuration.
Any help or ideas pleas

@ColinBvr What computer and operating system are you using?

If Windows 10 what happens if you click on File Explorer>Network and under Storage point at your My Cloud and do a right click? See example image below.

Thank you for your response.
At the start up of my computer I had a pop up message for WD App Manager "WDMyCloud - System restart.
I am running Windows 10 which is also running on my other Laptop with Bitdefender anti-virus protection. All Firewall was turned off but made no difference.
Yes I get the drop down menu when I right click on the WDMyCloud icon. When I click on View device webpage it opens - Accessing WD MyCloud - Flash message “Attempting to Access Configuration Information” - Blank Screen.
The WDMyCloud light remain static blue light throughout this operation.

Just run WD Smartware - WDMyCloud indicated as “No writable partition found”