I cannot access to my External-Drive, it was locked

My 500GB external drive doesn’t work anymore, although it spins and blue light is on.
I checked it from Disk Management of Windows 8.1 but drive converted into RAW format without any reason, I cannot access to data which are important to me.
A techic friend checked it and said that he can reach to data but cannot read or copy data. He said that the data are still alive but the reading mechanism of drive is not working, so it locked itself. He suggested to me a solution that we can find a new External Drive which is the same model and change the main cards.
As I know, WD doesn’t have any repair service in Turkey and what are you suggesting to me?


Are you able to test with a different data recovery software to see if you can get the data.

If the drive is Raw it is corrupt. Sometimes using the command to convert from FAT32 to NTFS will fix it http://support.microsoft.com/kb/214579 Scroll down about halfway it gives the instructions.